Your Luxurious Motorhome in Turkey

This vehicle renting contract signed between Pampacamper/Ferhan Hamami, leaser and .................................................................................... ,renter, consists of the following 16 articles. Composed of 5 pages, this contract is primarily applied and based other than all kinds of oral representation and warranties, advertisements and brochures.

Article 1: Signing this contract or paying any renting charge, renter is deemed to have accepted the aforesaid conditions within the contract and is deemed to have rented the vehicle for the time mentioned in the contract and accepts and undertakes to deliver the vehicle at the delivery point predetermined in the contract.

            Before delivering the vehicle to renter, a protocol listing the current situation of the vehicle (visible scracthes and dents etc.), and all the operating equipments within the vehicle shall be drawn up. At the end of the renting time, renter is obliged to deliver the vehicle in a way that he/she received the vehicle, with the all equipments mentioned in the protocol. Otherwise, renter accepts to indemnify the loss and damages.

Article 2: It is obliged that mentioned driver(s) in the contract must be over 20 years old and must not exceed 70 on the contracting day. Driver must have a B class driving licence or a valid licence covering this class.

Article 3: Renter declares and undertakes to obey the following rules:

The rented vehicle

  1. shall not be driven by a driver other than specified in the contract,
  2. shall not be driven by a driver who has not got a driving licence, has not got an appropriate licence or has got an invalid licence for any other reasons,
  3. shall not be driven by a driver who has a legal or physical obstacle though specified in the contract,
  4. shall not be driven under the effect of alcohol or any drugs.

In the contrary case, renter shall undertake all kinds of criminal liabilities and the losses Pampacamper would be exposured to.  

Article 4: Renter accepts and undertakes not to carry the objects and living beings prohibited by the applicable laws, not to use the vehicle for illegal ways, not to use the vehicle on roads closed to traffic, not to use the vehicle contrary to intended purposes (race, endurance test, pushing or drawing another vehicle or object, carrying goods or passengers for a consideration, carrying goods or passengers exceeding the load limit etc.)

Article 5: Along the renting time, renter is responsible for vehicle’s security, whether the vehicle is parked in the right place, keeping it locked, not losing the keys, licence plate, vehicle licence and other documents belonging to the vehicle.    

Renter accepts and undertakes not to misuse the vehicle and its equipments inside, to drive in a way not contaminating and harming the environment, to empty out the foul water and closet tank to the appropriate places.

Article 6: At the beginning of the renting time, Pampacamper is responsible for delivering a vehicle whose periodical maintanences have been carried out, whose tires are suitable for roads, which has got a valid vehicle inspection. Renter is responsible for controlling tyre pressures, engine oil and water levels, whether the signals and lightings work or not day by day along the renting time as well. Renter is also responsible for informing Pampacamper of the damages happened to the vehicle, any breakdowns and any mulfunction indications seen in the vehicle.

            The repair cost of the damages and breakdowns stemming from the driver’s mis-use belongs to renter. The time during the maintanence cannot be added to the renting time and renter cannot demand the compensation of this time. In cases that the damages and breakdowns have been caused by the driver is not understood clearly, the assessment to be carried out by the service authorised by the vehicle’s productor firm will be valid.

            In the breakdowns not caused by the driver, by means of invoicing to Pampacamper, the repair cost shall be paid to renter. At this stage, renter must immediately inform Pampacamper of the situation and must get approval from Pampacamper before the repair. If the repair would last more than one day Pampacamper would allocate another vehicle. If Pampacamper fails to do it, it may only be responsible for paying back the rental over the valid tariff for the days on which the vehicle could not be used.      

Article 7: Renter is responsible for the damages to happen another vehicle, person/persons or public property during the renting time.         

            Renter shall carry out the obligations such as document supplying and witnessing which will be needed for the proceeds against Pampacamper in consequence of any kinds of accidents and damages caused by renter, renter also shall give procuration to Pampacamper for the pursuance of indemnity rights having againts the third persons if necessary.

Article 8:The level of fuel tank of the vehicle is recorded in protocol at the delivering the vehicle to renter; renter shall deliver the vehicle with same level of fuel tank as well. Pampacamper shall provide an electronic ticket valid for ''15 Temmuz Şehitler Köprüsü'', ''Fatih Sultan Mehmet Köprüsü''  bridges and highways within Turkey (except connecting highway of Osmangazi bridge in Yalova) and shall not demand any charge for this from renter. Other bridges and tunnels are not allowed to pass with this electronic ticket. Otherwise renter is reponsible for paying toll and its fine. Excluding this, fuel costs, parking fees, camping area fees etc. all belong to renter. Renter is responsible for paying the traffic tickets issued during the renting period.  

 Article 9: Renter is responsible for delivering the vehicle within the determined time, in a way he/she received; complete with its all equipments, with an emptied foul water tank.

            If renter delivers the vehicle before the determined time he/she cannot demand any refund. If renter delivers the vehicle in a different place other than the determined one, he/she is responsible for paying the extra charge Pampacamper will demand. This charge cannot be more than €250.

Article 10: Payment and reservation conditions:

1.      Charge is determined according to the tariff on the date renter wants to receive the vehicle. One day is calculated over 24 hours, one week is calculated over 7 days, one month is calculated over 30 days. Payments can be made by cash, by credit card (master/visa) or through a bank transfer.

2.       Renter could secure the reservation by paying the whole rental charge or paying €200 in advance. From this point onwards renter accepts cancelation policy and all other terms in this contract. In case of paying in-advance, the remaining charge will be settled 30 days prior to start of renting time. Otherwise it causes to cancellation of reservation by Pampacamper.

3.       Cancellation and date change:

a.      If renter cancels the reservation within 30 days prior to the start of the renting time, the amount paid will be returned.

b.     If the cancellation is made between 29 days and 14 days to prior to start of  renting time, 1/3 of total charge will be deducted and remaining payment will be refunded;

   If it is between 13 days and 7 days, 2/3 of total charge will be deducted and the remain amount will be returned.

   There will be no refund made if cancellation is made 6 days or less prior to rent start date .

c.      Upon the demand of renter, changes in date are done by Pampacamper as appropirate.

4.     Upon the demand of renter, if Pampacamper finds it suitable, the renting time can be lenghtened on the condition of paying the charge over the tariff valid 24 hours beforehand.

5.      Without getting approval from Pampacamper the renter could not deliver the vehicle later than determined time and/or different location than determined location. Otherwise the renter reponsible to pay additional charge of EURO 40 per hour for all the late returns and to indemnify to Pampacamper because of not to deliveriying the vehicle to next renter.


Article 11: At the begining of the renting time the renter have to have and present a credit card by min limit of 1000Euro. There is fully refundable EURO 750,- Security Deposit that is drawed from this credit card. At the end of the hire, If there is no damage to the vehicle in accordance with articles in this contract, security deposit will be paid back in full or reserve on credit card will be cancelled, If there is a damage to the vehicle at the end of the rental period, excess amount to be paid by the renter is up to Euro 1,000. Damage exceeding Euro 1,000 will be covered by the insurance policy. If the damage is less than Security Deposit (Euro 750), difference will be returned to the renter. If payment was made in another currency than Euro, Turkish Government exchange rate will be used for calculation. Not emptiying waste tanks at the return of the vehicle causes to indemnify EURO 20,- .


Article 12: Terms of Insurance:

1.      Pampacamper delivers the vehicle as vehicle’s comprehensive coverage and “Obligatory Liability Insurance” have been done. In case of accident and damage, for renter to utilise the Comprehensive coverage;

a.      Renter must get a copy of the accident report and alcohol report defining the way how the accident happens, filled up by the police or gendarme in the scene of the accidents immediately after the accident.

b.      Accident and damage situations must be informed to Pampacamper immediately,

c.        In smal-scale accidents, if the police/gendarma do not come to the scene of the accident, renter must obtain the accident report filled up by the accident parties and photos defining clearly how the accident happens.

2.      The Comprehensive coverage covers the portion exceeding €1000 of damage repair cost. All the the repair cost – except the tyres worn naturally – of current damages up to €1000 is paid by renter. The comprehensive coverage does not cover glass and tyre damages and cost of towing service. If the towing service is necessary, the cost of it is paid by renter out of repair responsibility.  

3.      In the event that the comprehensive coverage would not cover in all or partially the damages caused by renter, the damage cost is paid by renter. 

4.      In the event that the material and physical damages to the 3rd Persons due to the accident is over the Obligatory Liability Insurance or lies beyond the scope of the insurance, renter is responsible for all. 

 5.   Renter shall not drive to a region that announced by Pampacamper as not allowed to go and to   the places that were announced by related offices as natural disaster risk like over snowfall, float,  avalanche etc or social events like anarchy, rebellion, state of emergencie etc and all those are out  of the comprehensive coverage. Renter is responsible for being aware of these announcements.

6.   In the accidents that the driver is being illegal and/or the vehicle is driven illegally, in the evet that the insurer claims the damage cost referring to the third persons, renter is responsible for paying the claimed indemnity. If Pampacamper has to pay indemnity to the insurer due to the above-mentioned reasons, Pampacamper reserves the right to demand this indemnity from renter.

7.   Comprehensive cover does not include any personal insurance for the renter, passenger or their possessions. It includes death or bodily injury to driver and two passengers.

Article 13: If Pampacamper could not deliver the vehicle to renter on a determined date and place because of an unpredicted reason, Pampacamper is responsible for paying the rental charge. If the vehicle delivered do not have the contracted features and equipments, a charge return not exceeding 1/3 of the renting charge between the parties shall be done.  

Article 14: One who is being one of the parties of this contract and one who pays the rental charge or in-advance is deemed to be a renter. Pampacamper realizing that the conditions written in this contract are not fulfilled during the vehicle’s delivery has the right to cancel renting the vehicle without returning the rental charge.

 Article 15: Renter accepts and undertakes to pay the indemnity for damages to be occured due to not obeying the above-mentioned conditions and to pay the rental charge of the vehicle on the days not rented over the valid tariff.

Article 16: The parties accept and declare that in case of dispute Muğla Courts and Enforcement Offices are entitled and disputes shall be resolved according to Turkish laws.