Your Luxurious Motorhome in Turkey

• Which vehicle is ideal for us, Campervan or Coachbuilt motorhome?

Campervan‘s capacity is max. 4 persons, Coach build's is max. 6 persons. Both have similar traits and equipment except coachbuilt's living area is wider and has more luggage space. On the other hand campervans with their compact body are more suitable to change place often and have comfortable driving in Turkey in which many road to hidden unique beauties are too narrow. That is why we recommend campervan for as 4 persons of group. Of course coachbuilt would be right choice for someone's who like wide space in vehicle or who have 4-6 persons of group.

• Are the pick up day and the drop off day of renting calculated as renting days?

The pick up day do, the drop off day do not. For example: your renting begins on Saturday and finishes next Saturday, so your renting is calculated as 7 days.

• How long can we live in these vehicles without supplying water and 220 V?

This period depends on number of person and consumption. Estimated period with full water tank and fully charged battery is extends to 2-3 days with average consuming. Sustaining charge from engine by driving and from solar panel extends battery life. This problem ceases in camping areas with water and 220 V supply. Also 220 V supplying charges battery of vehicle too.

• Which types of electrical appliance are useable in these vehicles?

Without 220V supply only some of appliances like laptop, camera etc. which draw low current can use 220 V sockets in our vehicles. Other types of 220 V appliance must not be plugged without 220V supply even though this type of appliance is provided in vehicle, otherwise you will have empty battery in short time.

 • What about air conditioning in these vehicles?

There are two types of air conditioning in our vehicles. One of them is vehicle AC powered by engine so it is useable by working engine. Other type is roof AC needs 220 V supply.

 • What are conditions for drivers to drive these types of vehicle?

Driver must have standard B class driving licence or a valid licence covering this class. Driver must be over 20 years old and must not exceed 70 years of age on start day of rent. All our vehicles have manual gearbox. Drivers must’ve had enough practice with a vehicle that has manual gearbox.

 • What is type of WC in our vehicles and how do disposal work?

Our vehicles have macerator WC. They have huge waste tanks for your comfort so; 80 lt waste tank for WC and another 80 lt for kitchen. You can easy dispose of waste water with disposable of waste tanks by stopping on a embrasure of canalization.

 • Do Pampacamper allow pet in their vehicles?


 • Do Pampacamper allow to smoke in their vehicles?